Video Analysis

Prior to the introduction of video and performance analysis into sport and specifically sports coaching, the only way to observe a team or player's performance was simply watching with the human eye. Field based team sports can conservatively be made up of 2000-3500 events over the course of the game - that is a lot of information to remember and decipher. 

Now, with the introduction of various video technology into sport, coaches and players no longer have to attempt to remember every detail. We now have the ability to record and make key game data accessible to aid in player and coach learning and development. 



High Quality Footage

Sports performance analysis relies heavily on the quality of the footage, poor quality footage can have a detrimental effect on the quality of the analyses that can be provided.

If you do not have a competent video camera operator or the required equipment, we offer a filming service to capture your event in high definition.



Along with the quality of the footage, elevation is a necessity when filming sport for analysis purposes. Often, the higher the better. 

If there is no elevated vantage point at the venue we can look to provide one at an additional cost.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our filming services.

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High definition filming and capture service
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Performances broken down into game components
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Live Streaming

Live stream your event to your desired destination
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Highlights packages available of your team's game
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