Video and Performance Analysis

Our notational analysis services are predominantly aimed toward team sports, including but not limited to; 

  • Rugby,
  • Football,
  • Hockey,
  • Netball and
  • Basketball

By accurately and concisely breaking down each game into its components using predetermined parameters and descriptors, we are able to provide factual data about the team's performance, including game events and/or player actions.

This type of analysis enables objective and effective evaluation of the performance, from the effectiveness of a team structure to the execution of an individual skill.

The improvement of performance is heavily linked into a continuous process of observation, analysis and adjustment. 

Tactical Analysis

Gain insights into your team's performances by evaluating various game metrics as well as recognition of tactical elements and team structures. 

Team and Game Analysis

Our team based analysis packages involve breaking down the game into the individual game components and events. We can then provide game data and report on each of these areas to aid in the coaching, feedback and learning process.

Individual Player Analysis

Our individual player analysis packages involves assigning all player actions and events to each individual player.


You can share your game footage for us to analyse for you, alternatively you can use our Filming Service.


Please contact us if you would like more information about our analysis services.

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Live Streaming

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Highlights packages available of your team's game
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