Performance Analysis


Performance analysis has become a fundamental component of elite sport around the world, it is the basis of knowledge creation by capturing both team and player performance data. Coaches and analysts can utilise the game and performance insights from the analyses conducted to gain an advantage over opponents, better understand their own performance and ultimately improve.

For individual teams the analysis process is often considered too expensive, time consuming or complicated at the grassroots level, so Elevate Analysis is here to provide an end-to-end analysis service.


What We Offer

Our services enable you and your team to effectively and efficiently analyse and evaluate your team's performances to gain that competitive advantage.

We offer various solutions to meet the needs of your club, school or team, including:

Game/Event filming

Game event analysis

Player action analysis

Game data

Player data

Video sharing platform

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High definition filming and capture service
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Performances broken down into game components
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Video Portal

Access your team's analysis all in once place
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Live Streaming

Live stream your event to your desired destination
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Highlights packages available of your team's game
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