About Us

About Us

At Elevate Analysis we believe high quality video, analysis and game data can and should be accessible at all levels of sport to enable sound analysis practices, as well as the added benefit of player and coach development. 

We are dedicated to providing high-quality services with the aim of improving the performance of teams and individuals, while helping to provide meaningful and enjoyable sporting experiences in the community.

Our Goal

To be the first choice for community sports clubs, teams, schools and organisations throughout New Zealand by providing quality and affordable analysis services.

Deliver a high-quality and professional live stream production service that can help our clients gain greater exposure and engagement from supporters and the wider community.

How are we going to get there?

By practising these values that relate heavily to the coaching and analysis processes that we offer.

  • Informed - Stay current and up to date with advancements in the sports science and technology industries
  • Accurate - Our team of skilled analysts accurately and concisely break down your game to provide key video and data analysis and insights to help you improve performance
  • Innovative - Utilise industry-leading software in tandem with our experience and knowledge of sports performance analysis and media production
  • Adapt - Make the necessary changes to improve what we deliver and move forward